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In 1987, Hoa Tinh Thuong was founded by Sister Chân Y Nghiêm and Chân Bảo Tràng (Tran Kim Van). After Sister Chan Y Nghiem ordained in 1998 with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, Tran Kim Van ran our charity, recruiting Chân Nguyệt Uyển (Stephanie Ngocminh Nguyen ) and others..

Stephanie Ngocminh Nguyen(Chan Nguyet Uyen) - President

Tran Kim Van (Chan Bao Trang) - External Vice President

Khuat Duy Vinh (Chan Chau Uyen) - Internal Vice President

Khuat Lynn(Awaking Heart of Ocean) -Youth Community Outreach coordinator

Khuat Melissa Awaking Heart of Moon) -Youth Community Outreach coordinator

Hoa Tinh Thuong - Loving Flowers Mindfulness is a religious charity whose purpose is to advance Buddhism by:

  • Promoting the teachings and practices of Buddhist Mindfulness Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh’s and the Plum Village Tradition

  • Supporting Buddhist monks and nuns by organizing and sponsoring mindfulness activities, such as meditation retreats.

  • Embodying the Buddhist philosophy of ‘compassionate giving’ by providing food, health care, scholarship, and public welfare to the underprivileged, the homeless, and sick.

Hoa Tinh Thuong - Loving Flowers Mindfulness is committed to investing resources to achieve these goals. We’ve been supporting local Vietnamese communities in a variety of ways--from sponsoring youth education and elder,  building wells for drinking water, to gifting basic supplies of rice and sugar, to supporting hospital bills for the ill. As of 2017, we have been recognized as a 501(c) non-profit organization (EIN: 82-4752335).

We appreciate any support from you as a donor. Please feel to reach out to ask about any of our latest projects -- we would love to share our progress!

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